About the Author

Alissa J. Zavalianos


Alissa J. Zavalianos grew up in New Hampshire and currently lives there with her wonderful husband and their adorable cat Moo. As a child, she always had a love for nature, books, and fairy tales, and as she grew older, that love bloomed all the more. Alissa loves Jesus and is inspired by birds, mountains, castles, Tolkien, Lewis, and the way a cold breath of wind feels on her bare toes.

Alissa J. Zavalianos's Retelling

Unearth the Tides

a retelling of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas

Unearth the Tides is a fantasy retelling of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Filled with mystery, found family, and themes of truth and forgiveness, Unearth the Tides is perfect for those who love the coziness of the classics and the thrill of adventure.

Alissa J. Zavalianos's Other Books

from the mountains to the valley kingdom fantasy Alissa J. Zavalianos

From the Mountains to the Valley: An Earth-Treader Epilogue (The Earthen-Crest Kingdoms)

It’s been a year since Rylla Wayscot defeated Lord Brennigan and saved the Earthen-Crest kingdoms. A year since she last saw her brothers. A year since Caz proposed to her in the Grove. And now, at nineteen, she’s finally about to get married.

From the Mountains to the Valleyis the untold epilogue of The Earth-Treader. Both bittersweet and reminiscent of Rylla’s past adventures, this short tale answers the long-awaited question: “What happens next?”

endlewood alissa j zavalianos magic kindgom fantasy


In Griskol, magic and deceit are forbidden. And to practice any form of them could lead to death.

Holland doesn’t know who she is. For reasons she can’t explain, she’s drawn to the tragic story, The Tale of Endlewood, seeking to leave home and find where she belongs, even if it means disguising her identity—an action that could cost her everything.

Markus Fenn has always known his purpose: to farm the land his father left behind and to care for his aging mother and younger siblings. Unlike his best friend, Holland, he’s content with his lot in life.

But when a sinister plot rocks the country of Griskol, Holland finds herself in the middle of the chaos, and Markus’ familiar, rural life is upended in the midst of it. Griskol may have been right about magic all along.

In this epic tale of love and loss, accompanied by mermaids, fae, and dragons, will Holland find where she truly belongs? Or will she open her heart enough to realize her home has been with her this whole time?

the wishing seed alissa j zavalianos coming of age magic fantasy

The Wishing Seed

Mona dislikes change. And with a recent move across the country and the prospect of new friends at a new school—seventh grade doesn’t sound promising. In fact, she’s determined not to go at all.

Mona begins to dream, hope, and wish for a way out. She’s grown up hearing stories of fairy tales and magical worlds—of beanstalks and transportable wardrobes—but do they really exist?

When she stumbles upon a strange seed and determines to plant it, hopeful it might grow into her means of escape, she realizes she may have planted more than she bargained for.

The Wishing Seed is a coming-of-age tale about two sisters, new friendships, love, and forgiveness—all the while exploring what it means to bear good fruit.

With just a little wish, trust, and silver dust, will Mona find what she’s looking for? Or will her secrets ruin everything she’s planned?

the earth-treader alissa j zavalianos magic kingdom fantasy

The Earth-Treader (The Earthen-Crest Kingdoms Book 1)

Eighteen-year-old Rylla Wayscot has always wanted to fly, but being human has its limitations. As a cartographer’s daughter in the Earthen-Crest kingdoms' boot of Aylati, Rylla wants more than anything to know the whereabouts of her brothers, even if it means finding them herself. But there’s one problem: she’s afraid to venture too far from home. After a short walk to the Grove and stumbling into a talking cat, she realizes she may have no other choice. There she is told she’s an Earth-Treader—one who can bend the will of nature and speak to animals, and she’s reminded of the Earth-Lore—the five missing stones which once held their kingdoms together. But with a growing Darkness lurking on the horizon, the missing stones are being sought by many. Rylla is tasked with finding them herself, especially before the cruel Lord Brennigan does. Despite all her protestations, Rylla can’t escape her fate. She must embark on this impossible journey and leave all her comforts behind. But she’s not alone. Even with fear and doubt as her armor, Rylla meets strangers who challenge her resolve, and she learns that even in the shadows love and light can thrive. Perhaps it’s even enough to give her wings.