About the Author

Rosie Grymm

Rosie Grymm is a Christian writer who grew up traveling the world as a military kid. She developed her love of fairytales and mythology while taking family field trips to German castles and exploring Korean folk villages. Storytelling has always been a prominent part of her life. And when not writing, she can be found reading from her ever-growing pile of books or planning her next travel adventure. She currently lives in Northern IL with her family and dog, Cinder(ella). 

Rosie Grymm's Retelling

Riddle of Hearts

a retelling of Alice in Wonderland

In this imaginative retelling of Alice in Wonderland, Rosie Grymm tackles denial, regret, and responsibility with a (big) helping of classic Wonderland madness.

Rosie Grymm's Other Books

Whispers From Before: Tales of Myth and Legend (Anthology)

In Whispers From Before, myths transform and legends are recast as threads of the tales you’ve known are woven into something new.

The Gumiho of Dragon River -Choi Minjun accidentally allows a dangerous fox spirit to possess his younger sister, and it is up to him to stop the Gumiho before it eats the hearts of his entire village.

Find courage, love, revenge, and healing in this collection of mythology retellings written by both debut and experienced authors and edited by seven-time author and co-founder of indie publishing house SR Press, Savanna Roberts.