About the Author

Tor Thibeaux

Tor Thibeaux writes fiction full of magic, excitement, technology, talking animals, and happy endings. She is an editor for the speculative fiction e-zine Worlds of Adventure and is author of the action-packed underwater sci-fi series Rebel Wave. When not busy world-building or planning her next getaway, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

Tor Thibeaux's Retelling

Summon the Light

a retelling of The Tempest

Tor Thibeaux re-imagines Shakespeare’s The Tempest in an epic story of good and evil in a high-stakes fantasy adventure.

Tor Thibeaux's Other Books

the rebel wave serial tor thibeaux undersea speculative fantasy scifi

Rebel Wave (12 book series)

17-year old Ariana Jenkins struggles to fill her role as the first officer of the Neptune, a submarine home to a colony of rebels seeking independence beneath the sea. Trying to maintain her authority against the encroaching civilian council, Ariana feels that she will not live up to her father’s legacy.

A chance meeting with a young man trying to escape the oppressive underwater cities known as Decapolis plunges Ariana into an adventure that will affect her future and the future of the Neptune.

Rebel Wave is a 12 part serial.

worlds of adventure speculative fiction adventure ezine tor thibeaux

Worlds of Adventure T Spec Fiction E-zine

Fall into tales of speculative wonder in every issue of this new e-zine from T Spec Fiction.

Whether it’s the tingling confrontation of gunslingers and robots, the rip-roaring escapades of dwarvish jet troopers, or the misadventures of two Victorian ladies on the planet Venus, T Spec has a story for everyone.