Steal the Morrow

a retelling of Oliver Twist

By Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

The city may be dangerous, but it holds his only hope …

Abandoned on a remote highway after bandits murder his parents, young Olifur finds safety with Fritjof. The gruff woodsman teaches him and other orphans to live off the land. When Fritjof falls ill, Olifur will risk everything to save his mentor—even travel to far-off Melar seeking a doctor.

However, the city of Melar is more perilous than Olifur imagined, and doctors aren't cheap. His quest leads him first to a hazardous job working on the elevated trains high above the city. But the dangers in the clouds are nothing compared to those on the ground. Olifur soon finds himself ensnared in a web of professional thieves, and he must think fast if he is to survive the day and bring the much-needed aid to Fritjof before it is too late.

Schmidt reweaves Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist into a thrilling tale of integrity and perseverance in this gaslamp-fantasy adventure.

Trigger warnings: murder of parents, emotionally abusive relationship